Acne skin transformation case study

Welcome to our acne skin transformation case study!

Before and after acne treatment photograph of a client . Acne transformation was striking! Gone from lots of red and sore spots to clear blemish free skin. Image taken at the Skinologists Chester skin clinic and client has given their permission for us by us. The Skinologists own copywrite for this image and cannot be used without our express written permission.


BACKGROUND - Adult acne breakouts

When Iona first met Fiona from The Skinologists, she was suffering from severe acne. Resulting in redness and her skin was extremely sore.

“I felt as though the skin on my face was sunburnt all the time, especially on my cheeks.” commented Iona.

Following an initial consultation, Fiona found that Iona’s skin barrier had been destroyed. By the use of too many, acidic blends of skincare products. Predominantly recommended by online influencers seen on TikTok and other social platforms.

“My skin felt dreadful but every time I saw a new ad, I felt that product would be the solution I was seeking.  Unfortunately, I was just making my skin problems even worse!” Iona said.

Iona had originally contacted another skincare clinic in the Cheshire area. But, once they had hold of her details, they bombarded her with a hard sell technique! Which actually, dissuaded Iona from making an appointment.

“I then found Fiona via a simple Google search. And, when I realised she was offering a free initial consultation, I went ahead and met Fiona soon after,” Iona commented.


A new, intense three-month regime was devised to initially. Begin to rebuild Iona’s skin barrier and improve her skin health.  Then the acne breakouts were targeted and finally, Iona has been so impressed with Fiona’s skills and knowledge that she has become a Skin Club Member! To enable Fiona to continue to improve Iona’s pigmentation issues, developed during pregnancy.

The first five months of the intensive regime saw Iona visit Fiona’s clinic every fortnight for a 45-minute appointment. Which, having just had a baby, meant that Iona had much-needed time to herself!

“Fiona’s treatment rooms are so relaxing that I frequently fell asleep during my sessions!” laughs Iona.

Fiona found that Iona’s previous skincare regime had been far too damaging and began by simplifying Iona’s daily process.  From using three different acidic blends, and spending one hour each evening on her skincare programme. Fiona simplified Iona’s regime completely – reducing the number of products she uses with tailored treatments to target Iona’s problem areas and a process which now takes only 10 minutes per day.

“I noticed  a difference within only a few sessions of working with Fiona. But family and friends too began to comment on how well my skin looked. Even though they had no idea that I had finally sought help for my skincare issues,” says Iona.


“My skin is no longer sore or red and I can wear make-up! I don’t need much foundation at all as Fiona has rectified my issues with dryness in some areas and excess oil in others.”

Iona feels that the good foundations that she has created with Fiona stands her in good stead for the future.

“I still have skin issues that need to be improved upon even though I no longer get spots – including acne scarring and little bumps under my skin - but, with Fiona’s help, we have made an excellent start and I am looking forward to more improvements in the future,” Iona says.

“I would definitely recommend Fiona.  She is very personable and friendly and made me feel at ease straight away.  I am so glad I chose Fiona to help me as she has always wanted the best outcome for my skin too.  I have felt so relaxed throughout the process so far and am looking forward to seeing how Fiona can continue to help my skin in the future,” Iona concluded.

Fiona's Thoughts - acne skin transformation

“I often see the negative effects from clients’ being encouraged to buy skincare products, either online or via social platforms, that are really not suitable for their skin – and when you factor in the cost of the items too, it really can be quite alarming!” says Fiona.

“However, I love a challenge and Iona’s skin has consistently improved since we began working together in early 2022.  Now as a Skin Club Member, Iona is safe in the knowledge that she has overcome her past skincare issues and we will work hard to alleviate the remaining problems over the coming months,” concludes Fiona.

We hope you have enjoyed our acne skin transformation case study. If you are suffering in silence and need a friendly, approachable skin expert to alleviate your skin problem, please contact Fiona via The Skinologist’s Contact Us page or book a skin chat.