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Understand The Skinologists vision and values, Fiona's story, experience and knowledge, the multiple awards, what to expect from a treatment, get to know the Chester skin clinic and read the qualifications. You can rest assured, you're in the hands of Chester's Personal skin expert!

MY Vision With Values

When you attend a treatment with me you can expect a personable, unique, and expert experience. I want to make you feel so confident in your own skin as that's what we all deserve. As Chester's personal skin expert, I’m here to remove the worry and help you find your individual solution for your skin!

See you soon.

Fiona x

About Fiona

English Hair and Beauty awards 2020 finalists picture at the awards ceremony

From an early age.

My journey to becoming Chester's personal skin expert began at the age of 4 when I was given a Girl’s World Styling Head for my birthday and with access to her make up bag, I guess you could say I realised my vocation early in life! I used to sweep the hair up while my mum was having her hair done. I loved the salon environment and knew this is the field I wanted to work in! Little did I know then I would go on to become Chester's personal skin expert and have my own Chester Skin clinic!

Some years later, I got a Saturday Job at a hairdresser after doing work experience there. Although I got offered an apprenticeship, I had also discovered the beauty world. I decided to go to college to do both hair and beauty.  The upshot was I hated hairdressing! Getting peoples hair on my face and in my nails was not for me.

But I loved the beauty training. Around the same time, I was to discover the importance of good skincare through my lecturer. After struggling with acne and dermatitis conditions which I dramatically improved. This is where my love for skincare began!

A passion was ignited!

After leaving school, I completed my NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, followed by my Level 3 in Beauty Therapy whilst studying Aromatherapy and Sports Therapy alongside.

Once I had left college, I became Clarins and ESPA accredited at a hotel spa, and following on from there, I reached Senior Beauty Therapist level at a 5 Star spa in Cheshire. It was here that I decided to start teaching beauty therapy, whilst teaching I came across Dermalogica skincare. My obsession for learning all things skin began! I discovered teaching was not for me, I missed my clients and wanted to get back to hands on treatments. I set up my own business with the dream of becoming Chester's personal skin expert and never looked back!

When I came across skincare range pHformula, and Dermavidulas,  I fell in love with their prescriptive and pharmaceutical approach to treating the skin. This sat in line with how I like to approach my client’s unique set of skincare requirements and this is one of the brands I use when treating my clients.

Throughout my beauty career, my prowess for skincare has always shone through and been recognised by my peers, clients, and industry bodies; for that, I am so grateful.

Multi-award-winning Chester Skin clinic and skin specialist

I only started to enter awards in 2020. As I didn't feel confident enough I would win! It was only through encouragement from close clients, colleagues and my beauty network that I started to apply. Not only for personal awards but for my Chester skin clinic too.

I was completely overwhelmed when I was nominated for an award! As I sat in the audience, I didn't think in a million years I would win. So, when my name was called out as the winner I am completely shocked and totally excited! My husband filmed the whole thing so you can see it for yourself.

I have since gone on to apply to more awards. Then I became multi-award winning for my Chester skin clinic and personally as a Skin Specialist. I think the secret to my success is that I passionately care about achieving amazing skin results for my clients! This shows in the results I achieve and feedback they give me and post on social media.

Here is a list of all my awards! With a link (where available) to the winners page on the awarding bodies website. Please note some 2020 awards are in a previous name of Renew Skincare. Before I got The Skinologist stuck in my head and had to change the name of my clinic, you can read all about in my blog post. This is why I feel confident to call myself Chester's Personal skin expert!

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Treatments and facials with the Skinologist Chester's Personal skin expert

Your very own individual experience.

My approach to skincare means every appointment at my Chester Skin clinic is unique, relaxing and results driven.

You choose the music, temperature, and scent you would prefer to surround yourself with. To give you complete comfort and control.

Secondly, we will discuss your current skincare products and how you use them; this helps me to understand the unique landscape of your individual skin as it currently stand.

Finally, I will complete an in-depth skin analysis and scan. Based on this we can then discuss my technologies and pharma cosmeceutical recommendations to achieve the results you are look for! 

Expert training

I guess you could say that I am a voracious learner! Skin fascinates me and I am continuously exploring new ways in which I can improve in skin care. You can also see more details on my qualifications on my LinkedIn profile. I am more than qualified to be Chester's Personal skin expert!

My qualifications include:

  • NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapy
  • Sports Therapy Diploma
  • Aromatherapy Diploma
  • Reflexology Diploma
  • Level 4 in skin resurfacing

My skincare qualifications include:

  • Skin needling verified by BABTAC
  • Nappage mesotherapy verified by BABTAC
  • Advanced electrolysis verified by BABTAC
  • Corneotherapy

Blog posts

Looking for some tips, information, or advice? Then please do check out our blogs page. It's chocked full or free useful information and tips! Best of all it's easy to share with friends and family too. Simply use the share buttons underneath each article.

Cheshire, Mersyeside & the Wirral, North wales, and staffordshire

These are all the local counties that clients have travelled from for treatments at our Chester skin clinic! Our skin clinic is based in Cheshire so that is understandable. But some of the clients have travelled some distance! We have had clients from Southport located northerly in Merseyside. We regularly get clients from as far out as Colwyn bay in North Wales too. One client from Stoke-on-Trent remarked it had 'only' taken an hour to travel over from Staffordshire to get to us.

With clients travelling up to an hour and a half to visit us it's massively flattering. That's only one way as well! Some of these clients used to live locally and just couldn't find the same level of treatment. This is of course a huge compliment and Fiona is grateful and honoured to hear that. Probably the record for a returning client is London. A client moved down to London to be with her daughter while she studied and would return periodically for treatment (and to visit her husband).

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