Skin by Design Facial

Skin by design facial treatment

The Skinologist - Fiona performing a facial treatment with mitts on a client at the Chester Skin clinic

Bespoke facial treatment for radiant skin

When I’m doing a facial treatment at our Chester skin clinic I like to create a unique one of a kind experience just for your skin. I’ve got excellent pharma cosmeceutical skincare that I  use from pHformula and Dermaviduals. This skin treatment works by protecting the health of your skin while dealing with some difficult skin conditions, such as ageing, pigmentation, rosacea and acne.

I’m also lucky enough to increase the effectiveness of these products with an array of different technologies and advanced treatments like microneedling and mesotherapy.

Skin advice

Need some skin advice? Not sure what treatment or products you need? Why not book in for one of our consultations at our Chester skin clinic. Our award winning expert Fiona will guide you through the best facial treatment options based on your unique skin issues.

We’ll discuss lifestyle changes, homecare routines, and personalized treatments to address your concerns effectively. Ensure the best possible results for your skin concerns.

Fiona The Skinologist performing a skin consultation at her Chester skin clinic - looking at paperwork for her lift and rejuvenate plan. Covering anti-ageing treatments.


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OUr approach

Premium Skincare Products:

We exclusively use high-quality pharma cosmeceutical skincare products from pHformula and Dermaviduals. These formulations are scientifically designed to protect and enhance your skin’s health, turbo boosting your unique facial treatment.

Targeting Difficult Skin Conditions:

Our facial treatment addresses a range of skin concerns, including:

      • Ageing
      • Pigmentation
      • Rosacea
      • Acne

You can read more about these on our dedicated skin conditions page. If you would like some more detail about what causes them and what you can do to help improve them. Fiona will always listen to any concerns and also build in any assessment of these conditions into your facial treatment.

Advanced Technologies

We combine our skincare products with cutting-edge technologies such as microneedling and mesotherapy. These enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, ensuring optimal results.

Some of the technology we have available:

CACI Ultra

Computer-Aided Cosmetology Instrument, I guess you can see why they call it CACI! In short this machine lifts, tightens, smooths and softens skin. It is truly remarkable! More info can be found on our CACI ultra page.

Advanced electrolysis

This is a very targeted treatment that can cover a whole range of skin concerns such as red veins (spider veins), skin tags, milia, ages spots, moles and many more. You can read more about advanced electrolysis here. 



When you visit our booking page, you’ll find three options:

  1. Contra Indication Check:
    • All new clients undergo this free 15-minute check to ensure suitability for their chosen treatment.
  2. Skin Problem Plan:
    • A 30-minute session focused on addressing specific skin issues. Cost: £25.
  3. Full Consultation with Skin Analysis and Scan:
    • A comprehensive assessment of your skin’s health, including a complete skin analysis and scan. Cost: £75.

Achieving optimal skin results...

To achieve the best possible results with your Skin by design facial treatment we strongly suggest you book the full consultation. It would still be possible to perform the treatment with a contraindication check, with much less information and time to discuss your skin the treatment cannot be as tailored. The Skin Problem Plan is somewhere in the middle, this also does not include a Skin Scan making our understanding of your skin much more superficial.

I always prefer to complete a highly detailed consultation, skin scan and skin analysis before your first facial treatment. Then a skincare program will be put together using Dermavidulals or pHformula both highly advanced professional skincare range's not available to purchase widely. As explained before we can also work on clients who book the lesser Skin Consultations. We just want to highlight the impact and results for your skin could be reduced.

What skin treatment techniques are used?

As covered earlier we use the latest technology from CACI Ultra, Radiofrequency and LED in our facial treatments. Also traditional technologies such galvanic, high frequency and vacuum suction. But it is also key to use the right techniques to get the right products into the correct layers of your skin. This is achieved using advanced skin treatments such as:


The skin treatment delivers advanced and highly concentrated ingredients into your skin without the use of needles. This treatment can have mind-blowing results for scars, stretch marks, acne, wrinkles to name a few. It has an added benefit of overall brighter and clearer skin, you can red more about it on our dedicated fusion mesotherapy page.


This specialised technique creates tiny holes to a safe depth in your skin. This ensures products to reach the best possible region of your skin. This approach is safe and also more comfortable for clients vs injections. You can read more on our PHformula skin resurfacing and fusion mesotherapy pages.

By using this combined approach all your skin concerns can be met, without compromise!

How else is my facial personal?

I will customise your facial treatment at every step, from music, lighting, room temperature product and technology use, your facial will be unique to you and will vary on every visit. Some clients like a relaxing tune while others like some rock and roll! What will you chose to listen to?

Relax at our Chester skin clinic

I also consider your lifestyle. Stress has a  profound effect on the skin. So I try to add in massage techniques to calm when I'm dealing with a busy stressed mind. You will be able to relax on a pre-heated blanket and will with a warm duvet (if you wish)! All you need to do is let your cares melt away while I take care of your skin. I offer free snooze with every treatment! You will emerge from my treatment room refreshed and your skin will be glowing with health, whether your time is precious or you want a bit of luxury in a facial treatment, I'll guarantee you maximum results.

Ready for skin confidence?

Ready to get your confidence back and smile in the mirror again? You can get yourself booked in for a facial treatment at our Chester skin clinic by clicking book now and going to my booking page. If it’s your first appointment don’t forget to book a consultation too as this must be done before I can start any treatment on you.

Skin by design facial

  • 30 min £65.50
  • 60 Min £113
  • 90 Min £155
  • To find out more information on resurfacing, mesotherapy or microneedling that may be in your treatment see Advanced skin treatments.
  • I offer skin plans and I recommend this with a definite skin concern. I would love to be able to fix your skin in one treatment but in reality it takes time. click here to find out more.
  • Ready to get your confidence back and smile in the mirror again? You can get yourself booked in by clicking book now and going to my booking page. If it’s your first appointment don’t forget to book a consultation in too as this must be done before I can start any treatment on you.