Why it’s time for a change and how The Skinologist was born


During the lockdown, it’s given me loads of time to take a step back and look at my business. Well… apart from homeschooling (hahaha). I’ve looked at my client journey. How I can improve every aspect of the clinic. In doing so I have gone back into why I came into the industry in the first place. This leads me to look at the business as a whole. Is my name reflecting my story? I concluded that it wasn’t but I felt like The Skinologist could!

While doing several zoom consultation’s during lockdown what kept springing up was people commenting on me being their skin angel. That go-to person to fix your skin. The person that transformed their tired, unhappy skin that was knocking their confidence. Into a more youthful, happy skin that gave them the confidence to go out without make up and say look at me to the world! This is what I love about my job, and this is the reason I came into this industry in the first place. I simply want to lift people up! Put a smile on their face and make them feel confident within themselves.


The geeky side of me is totally obsessed with skin science! How all the cells work together, what they produce and what ingredients are going to get those cells working at an optimal level again. The latest course I’ve been completing in lockdown has been corneotherapy. Once completed I can become a member of the international association of applied corneotherapy. This is something I’ve wanted to achieve for a while and lockdown has given me that time to focus on it.

The Skinologist

Having two very distinctive sides to me which isn’t being reflected in the name Renew Skincare, I wanted to go through this process last year when I dropped the beauty and got talked out of it! So a word of advice if you love something just go for it and don’t be talked out of it! As a year later here I am changing my name again. But I do feel this has come at precisely the right time as I probably wouldn’t have come up with this name 12 months ago. I know my name has now changed three times since my business began, but I feel as a business evolves sometimes the name needs to evolve with it. So after a lot of toing and froing I came up with……BIG DRUM ROLL The Skinologist with the tagline of more than beauty, skin by design. I feel this is perfect for me and my dream is to create several Skinologist’s just like me.

Your Skinologist is excited to welcome you all back 😊. Check out my treatments here!