Loose Skin Transformation Case Study

Mandy's Arm skin Transformation

Mandy had loose skin after weight loss. I am sure you can agree her arm transformation is absolutely amazing! As you can see from the before and after photographs underneath. There is a much more tone to the skin and definition of the arm. This is why Fiona the Skinologist was so excited about the results!

loose skin after weight loss dramatically improved as can be seen in this before and after side by side comparison.

BACKGROUND - loose skin after weight loss

Mandy had worked hard to lose a significant amount of weight. Although she embraced her new look, Mandy was fighting a losing battle with her excess loose skin.

“My arms were my main worry,” says Mandy,

“Even though I was still watching my weight and working hard at the gym to tighten my skin, I couldn’t lose sight of the fact that my body looked like a 95-year-olds with creepy ‘bingo wings’.” Mandy continued.

Mandy considered surgery for her loose skin after weight loss. Success wasn't guaranteed and it sounded very unpleasant and invasive.  She then spent time researching and visiting a number of aesthetic clinics. Each visit made Mandy feel less and less confident and the ‘lowest of the low’.

As Mandy had known Fiona, the Skinologist, for a while, she thought she had nothing to lose. So she approached Fiona to discuss her loose skin problem.

“When Mandy asked me whether I could help improve the skin on her arms, I saw that as a challenge!" says Fiona.

“I had never attempted anything like it before so it meant a great deal of research on my part and, although I very much wanted to help Mandy, I was clear from the outset that the programme I came up with was very much experimental with no guarantees.” Fiona continued.

Mandy appreciated Fiona’s honesty and instinctively knew that Fiona would do her best to help.

“I feel Fiona’s approach to any situation is unique.  She managed my expectations throughout the treatment programme yet I didn’t choose Fiona because of her technical prowess, which in itself, is mighty, but more her personality and attitude.  I knew she was going to give my situation her all.” says Mandy.


Initially, Fiona combined radiofrequency and micro-needling together to get the skin to build more collagen and elastin.

Mandy attended The Skinologist’s treatment rooms over a six-month period and undertook 12 of the ‘nice’ treatments. Which involved a lovely heated massage on both arms to work on the fat from under her skin.

Every other visit, Mandy would enjoy this treatment. But would then also have a needle inserted into the deeper layers of her skin. So the treatment would work on every layer of Mandy’s skin.

“This treatment wasn’t as nice!” laughed Mandy and commented that it felt as though the skin had been slightly sunburnt after these sessions.

Further information about skin needling can be found on our Advanced Skin Treatments page. If you do decide to go ahead with Skin needling it's worth reading our blog on five things you need to know before booking microneedling. We would also recommend you ensure the clinic is on the relevant skin piercing register. We have requested an update from our previous name Renew Skin and Beauty.


Mandy and Fiona are both delighted with the results of Fiona’s treatment plan. Mandy has achieved her long-held ambition of being able to wear t-shirts without feeling embarrassed. Or down at showing off her arms as the loose skin after weight loss is no longer an issue.

“I could not have hoped for a better conclusion,” she says.  “Fiona genuinely took on board not only my feelings but understood how important it was to me that a solution be found.  I cannot recommend – and thank - Fiona highly enough.  She not only gave me my arms back, but my confidence too.  It is rare to come across an individual with as much technical expertise and knowledge as Fiona, yet with such an honest, passionate and human outlook on helping her clients.”

“To me, Fiona bridges the gap between the aesthetics market that could easily turn people like me off, yet we still want to make the best of ourselves with an approachable beauty and skin expert and Fiona is most definitely that!” Mandy concludes.


Fiona prides herself on understanding her clients – whatever their pain.  In Mandy’s case, her loose skin after weight loss was a new experience for Fiona. Yet she rose to the challenge with her usual passion.

“Whatever issue clients present to me, I am here to help.  I am passionate about everything skin-related and I know I can help every single person make the best of themselves.  I loved every minute of my sessions with Mandy and I am delighted I was able to help her achieve her goal,” concluded Fiona.

Don't suffer in silence! If you need a friendly, approachable skin expert to alleviate your skin problem, please contact Fiona via The Skinologist’s Contact Us page