Redness skin transformation case study

Joanna's redness reduction skin transformation

Welcome to our redness skin transformation case study. This is a before and after photo after working with Joanna for three months. As you can see her redness has been reduced and an improvement in skin texture. All made possible by creating and following a reduction in redness treatment plan.

Before and after redness skin transformation plan

Background - Red inflamed skin

In the midst of the global pandemic, and with her wedding a year away, Joanna was experiencing a number of issues with her skin.  Issues ranging from reactive, sensitive skin with regular breakouts to redness and pigmentation problems. Joanna was keen to find an effective, scientific-based solution.

“I had been spending a lot of money on off-the-shelf skin products which simply did not work and I was becoming more desperate as time went on,” commented Joanna.

“As a vet, I am passionate about science and I was determined to try and find a skin specialist who had the knowledge to understand the technical issues behind my skin problems.

“I googled ‘facials’ initially but did not simply want a therapeutic massage.  I needed a specialist who could really analyse and diagnose my issues – and then I discovered Fiona from The Skinologists,” Joanne continued.

redness skin transformation - The process

Fiona diagnosed an impaired barrier function and prepared a skin plan for Joanna.  Due to the restrictions of the Covid-19 outbreak, Joanna’s treatment initially began remotely. Using pHFormula’s CR kit and in-salon treatments to improve Joanna’s redness and strengthen her skin barrier.

The barrier is part of the top layer of skin, known as the Stratum Corneum. The CR kit works by strengthening the skin to reduce chronic redness and improve skin texture.

Joanna’s regimen began with an initial programme of 12 weeks which concentrated on repairing the skin barrier.  Evaluated before each session, and over a period of weeks. Joanna noticed a significant improvement and experienced less sensitivity.

The end result

As Joanna’s wedding day approached, her skin was more manageable! With few breakouts and a very good, manageable routine in place.

For two years, Joanna’s skin has remained healthy and monthly visits ensure the treatment continues to be maintained effectively and issues kept at bay.  The visits also give Joanna and Fiona the opportunity to manage any new skin changes, such as hormonal imbalances.

Now, the focus is to improve the pigmentation as this has recently begun to increase.

The personal touch

Joanna found there were many benefits to working with Fiona,

“Fiona’s skin clinic provides a relaxed, welcoming environment where I find I can switch off for the duration of each 45-minute session and enjoy some real downtime,” said Joanna.

“I would recommend Fiona to anyone suffering any skin problem – 100%!  Definitely!” Joanna concluded.

As Fiona states, “achieving healthy skin is a process, with the need to maintain results.  If you have more than one condition to treat, good results can be achieved with time.  Each process really does take commitment with no overnight success.”

If you are suffering in silence and need a friendly, approachable skin expert to alleviate your skin problem. Please contact Fiona via The Skinologist’s Contact Us page or book a free skin chat