Rosacea Skin Transformation Case Study

Iris's rosacea skin Transformation

Welcome to our rosacea case study. This is a wedding photo from Iris's wedding. As you can see there are no signs of rosacea on her face. Quite the opposite, you can see her skin is glowing and healthy. This beautiful photo really shows off the amazing rosacea results. All made possible by creating and following a rosacea treatment plan.

Picture of Iris on her wedding day with her husband. Looking happy with radient skin and no signs of rosacea.

BACKGROUND - long term rosacea

Iris and Pete’s wedding day was deep into the planning stages when Iris began her search for someone to help her improve her facial skin before the big day.

For 20 years, almost as long as she and Pete had been together, Iris had suffered from rosacea. Common symptoms are angry redness and blistered, weeping under-the-skin bumps. Iris had been using a skin regime compiled from off-the-shelf products, specifically marketed to help the effects of rosacea.

“Unbeknown to me, I had been making the condition of my skin much worse and had to resort to antibiotics on a couple of occasions when the skin bumps became infected,” commented Iris.

Becoming more concerned as her wedding drew nearer, Iris began her search for a skin specialist in the Chester or Wirral area.

“I really wanted to find a holistic expert who understood my skin and not one that split their time offering multiple cosmetic procedures such as fillers,” Iris said.

“It was important to me to find the right person whose values aligned with my own when it came to my skincare,” continued Iris.

Coming across The Skinologists’ website was a true find for Iris.  Fiona’s specialism shone through for rosacea treatments and most importantly rosacea results. Underpinned by her wealth of experience and the number of topics available for visitors to the website to read through.

“Finding Fiona’s website proved very useful as it was apparent that she certainly knows what she is talking about!  Once we met, I knew straight away that Fiona was the right choice for me,” says Iris.



When Fiona first met Iris, it was clear that something was not working properly. It was clear that the products Iris had been using were really doing more harm than good. She was reacting to one of the ingredients in the off-the-shelf products.

Fiona’s first step was to assess Iris’ skin very carefully – looking at the skin itself before devising the rosacea treatment plan. Iris was immediately advised to stop all use of her previous products.  Then the priority was to calm Iris’ skin with very gentle products, with the aim of rebuilding the skin’s barrier.

Fiona’s thorough consultation process ensured Iris was seen three times per week for the initial few weeks. This was to maximise the chance of improved skin before Iris’s June wedding. Which is why we picked this particular rosacea case study. To highlight that rosacea results are not only possible but can be achieved faster than you think.

“Pete and I were together for more than 20 years before we married earlier this year, and I had never experienced my own wedding day before. It was important to me that my skin was in the best possible condition for such a big day,” says Iris.


Once Iris had followed Fiona’s plan for a number of rosacea treatments her skin started functioning more effectively again. Fiona was able to move to the next stage of Iris’ wish list and work on an anti-ageing plan which helped with face lifting too.  Choosing a Dermaviduals skin routine meant that Fiona could blend her own skin solutions for Iris. Culminating in a much-improved skin condition. Providing a good level of skin lift over the six weeks before the wedding day.

Now a member of Fiona’s Skin Club, Iris continues to see Fiona on a regular basis. Ensuring her skin remains in the best possible condition with her rosacea under control.

“I can even wear make-up now too without covering my face with concealer to cover the skin bumps," says Iris. This is why Iris was really happy we would make this into a rosacea case to help other people.


Iris found Fiona to be the best possible person to help her improve her skin and comments,

“It was clear to me from the beginning that Fiona really does care about skin.  Not only is she a lovely person, she is full of knowledge having gained years of experience in leading establishments.  She is a very genuine person and I felt safe in her hands.  She literally flies the flag of her brand as the condition of her own skin speaks for itself!” says Iris.

“I would recommend Fiona to anyone suffering from any skin issues at all as my experience has been outstanding,” Iris concludes.

As Fiona states, “one size does not fit all when it comes to skin care products.  A cream marketed specifically towards alleviating the issues related to rosacea, for example, can quite often have the reverse effect and make the condition much worse.”

“I was delighted to help Iris achieve her goal of much improved skin before her long-awaited wedding day and I look forward to working with her as a member of my Skin Club to improve Iris’s skin even further,” says Fiona.

rosacea case study - NEXT steps

We hope you have found this rosacea case study useful. If you would like to understand more about rosacea treatment you can visit our dedicated rosacea page in our skin conditions section. It also shows some rosacea results including rosacea before and after photos. We also created a nice blog post on the topic of improving rosacea. 

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