Fiona The Skinologist performing a skin consultation at her Chester skin clinic - looking at paperwork for her lift and rejuvenate plan. Covering anti-ageing treatments.

Stop feeling invisible and get your sparkle back with a non surgical facelift!

Fiona has specifically designed The LIFT AND REJUVENATE plan for those of you who don't want to go under the knife, have botox or have any other invasive procedures. Or require any recovery time or time off work. It is essentially a non-surgical facelift!

You may be surprised to know, we can create incredible results, by using a series of different treatments. That work on tightening the skin, re-educating the muscles to lift and getting the skin to function more effectively.

Anti-aging three month plan that has been created to reduces lines and tighten skin.
Anti-aging three month plan that has been created to reduces lines and tighten skin.

Please dont just take our worrd for it!

Fiona has converted me from a sceptical “I just use water and moisturiser” to embracing regular facials and “grown up” facial routine. Her science based approach along with completely tailored treatments and products to take away have meant my skin looks so much better, brighter, dare I say younger! She is a great antidote to the plethora of beauty desks in dept stores -and you gotta love a heated bed! Very highly recommended! Tracey Griffiths on Facebook.
What a difference Fiona has made to my skin! I feel I could go 'out out' with out wearing any makeup as my skin looks radiant. The treatment has reduced redness, reduced pore size and definitely improved patches of rosacea. I can't recommend enough! Joanne Houlbrook on Facebook

Fiona is very welcoming, her expertise is apparent and she treats you with great care and attention. I enjoy my treatments and would highly recommend her. Mavis Read Fresha booking system

Fiona is a true expert who has a big heart and genuinely wants to help her clients. Her knowledge of skin is second to none and her care is exemplary. I can't recommend her enough. Mandy Fresha

Fiona is friendly and knowledgeable. The whole experience was relaxing and a great result, even after my first treatment. Would highly recommend her. Rachel G Fresha

I love my visits with Fiona and I am really pleased with the condition of my skin since using pHformula. I definitely recommend Fiona for all skin care treatments. Pauline O Fresha

What does the lift and rejuvenate plan involve?

Over a six-month time frame, you will receive a special blend of treatments, products and supplements:

  • HIFU to work on the deepest layers of the skin to tighten and build collagen.
  • A course of 10 x CACI to re-educate muscle lift,
  • Collagen wave treatments x10 to get start the skin tightening work on the upper levels of the skin.
  • pHformula skin resurfacing x6 to improve texture and skin colour, and reduce lines.
  • Six vitamin infusion treatments to boost skin tone and texture.
  • At home you will need to keep up the work with a set of products that will be provided for the full six months.
  • We will provide a set of videos on how to use your products.
  • You also have skin supplements to work on your skin nutrition this is vital to kick start your skin cells functioning at an optimal level.

How much does it cost?

Only £2,997 which is a lot cheaper than a facelift! To have all these treatments and products separately would cost you £3,663.70. You can also pay six monthly payments of £499.50. As it is a non-surgical facelift process there is no downtime or time off from work needed. Which can be a hidden cost to going under the knife.

After you've completed your lift and rejuvenate plan. You'll then be invited to join the skin club, this is where you can get any combination of skin treatments that you can fit into 1 hr for £75 per month. You'll get special discounts on products and any further treatments taken including bolt-on time. Plus little seasonal product bonuses!

What do I need to do now?

The first thing you need to do is book a full consultation, skin scan and get your lift and rejuvenate plan designed for you. You can do this by clicking book your treatment below or call Fiona on 01244 399922.

The consultation cost is redeemable against your lift and rejuvenate plan when booked, once I've assessed you are suitable for the treatment plan you'll have two weeks of homecare to prep your skin for the first treatment.


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