Skin Transformation Case Studies

skin transformation case studies

Welcome to our skin transformation case studies page. I was talking to a client recently about my treatments and specifically her treatment plan. The feedback was lovely and the results were brilliant including before and after photographs. "Why don't you make this into a skin case study so that other potential clients can see for themselves?" I'm paraphrasing! But something like that...

We are gradually building up a bank of skin case studies to cover all of the skin conditions I can help fix. You can see them all on our dedicated skin conditions page. It's the usual suspects - Anti-aging, Acne and acne scars, pigmentation, Rosacea, facial thread veins and fat reduction.  Each Skin condition has its own page you can check out too.

Some of the skin conditions I took on are new! Mandy's arm skin tightening case study for example and you can see the results for yourself.


Hi! I'm Fiona The Skinologist. I started to combine skin treatments with clients some time ago as I wanted to try and get the best possible results. So I became quite obsessed with finding the optimal combinations of treatments to deliver the best results!

From the success of this early work I then started to focus more on skin transformation plans. I saw a significant increase in skin results for clients by using a combined approach. With a mix of different treatments planned over time.

The excitement of seeing the skin results and positive feedback from clients means I will be focusing even more on this area going forward! It makes me so happy to see the skin improvements; sometimes for clients (and myself) it can get very emotional and a few tears of joy are shared.

Picture of Iris on her wedding day with her husband. Looking happy with radient skin and no signs of rosacea.

what's covered in a skin case study?

Each of the skin case studies is a personal story for each client. They have been interviewed by an external party. Covering:

  • background - What the issue was and why the client was seeking help.
  • The process - Running an in-depth consultation, setting a plan and the skin treatments.
  • The end result - Skin results showcasing the improvement including pictures.
  • The personal touch - What made the treatment so special to the client and a quote from The Skinologist Fiona.

You will see quotes and pictures of the clients who have given their permission for The Skinologist to publish this information. No other parties may use the quotes or images.

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Not sure ABOUT your skin condition?

Maybe you are not sure which skin case studies apply to you. Please take a look at our skin conditions page to understand a bit more if needed.

Perhaps the skin condition isn't on this or the skin conditions page. Please do feel free to book a skin consultation or skin chat and we can have a chat to understand what is your skin problem and if The Skinologists do anything to fix it. It might be that we get you into our Chester clinic. Or perhaps we will recommend you visit your GP depending on the issue.

You can also click on the book your consultation button and book a skin consultation in person or online.

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