Signature Facials

Fiona The Skinologist performing a facial skin treatment at her Chester skin clinic 2

Fiona's Signature Facials

Fiona has used her extensive knowledge and experience to create her signature facials. These facial experiences are specially designed based on your skin concerns and needs.

If you're new to The Skinologists, this is a great way to start your skin journey with Fiona. As you will experience a fantastic facial treatment and start to see what is possible for your skin.

You will follow the process of consultation, treatment and purchasing the right skin products. So you can experience the benefits for your skin health that go far beyond your visit to us.

Please don't forget to book your skin consultation with any of these signature facials if it's your first treatment with The Skinologist.

These skin treatments are great as a one-off skin boost or monthly treat.


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Skinologists discovery Ritual

£49 40 minutes
  • This is a fantastic starter signature facial, a taster into the world of the skinologist. Your skin will be Deeply cleansed, exfoliated, including a luxurious massage of your choice (on your scalp, hands or feet) and deep hydration of the face.

Skinologists skin smart Ritual.

£97 or £65 for 90 or 60 minutes
  • Age-Smart intelligent ingredients combined with the expert touch of your the skinologist, this bespoke signature facial will take you on a journey to younger-looking skin. It will also deliver the utmost relaxation with an indulgent massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders (in 90 min treatment only). The Skinologists Skin Smart Ritual has been redesigned to support graceful ageing, incorporating superfoods and high tech technology to reduce wrinkle depth, improve firmness, tone and radiance alongside the benefits of an exclusive crystal facial massage to promote cellular regeneration and oxygenation.

Skinologists Balance Ritual

£65 for 60 minutes
  • An exclusive signature facial designed for those seeking a solution for oily and combination skin. The skin will be rebalanced through an effective deep cleansing ritual which targets congestion, breakouts, excess oil and enlarged pores. the Skinologists Balance Ritual will balance and protect your skin from the effects of daily pollution with innovative oil-controlling. With the added benefits of a bespoke lymphatic massage to help detoxify, the skin will appear brighter, fresher and younger-looking.

Skinologists Calming Ritual

£65 for 60 minutes
  • An exclusive signature facial designed for those seeking a solution for red reactive skin skin. The skin will be calmed through an effective bespoke blended serums which targets redness, skin sensitivity and inflammation. The Skinologists Calming Ritual will calm and protect your skin from the effects of oxidative stress. With the added benefits of a bespoke soothing crystal massage to help calm, the skin will appear calmer, brighter and younger-looking.