How can I improve my skin texture/complexion/elasticity/tone?

How can I improve my skin texture/complexation/elasticity/tone/colour?

I get asked all the time these kinds of questions. People don’t tend to bundle them together as I did for the title of this blog. They tend to ask about one or two, it usually gets dropped into a conversation. When you boil it down they are all asking the same thing “how can I improve my skin”. It can be anywhere and is triggered when women find out what I do. On telling people that I am a skin specialist then after they feel comfortable, maybe after a few drinks (if we are at a party or a wedding perhaps) or in a quiet moment when the kids are out of earshot on the school run the more probing questions start.

“How can I improve my skin texture” is the most widely searched term on Google. Closely followed by “How can I improve my skin complexion”. These are the types of questions I get via email or social media. But people just don’t talk like they type! So usually it’s something like “how can improve my skin tone” or even more basic “how can I improve my skin”. It’s only when I  got to know people, that they confide specific issues. Such as rosacea or blemishes. With clients, this is why I always ask for an initial skin consultation. It can be a little like therapy in some ways. I have had some ladies break down in tears and need a hug. Never mind a personalised facial!

The answer varies – skin improvement can vary widely!

In a perfect world, there would be a way of taking a magic pill. Or performing a one-off treatment and those skin problems would be solved overnight. Sadly that is not the case, I don’t have a magic wand I can wave! The short answer, it is possible to greatly improve your skin. However everyone’s skin is different, it has its own unique makeup based on your genetics but also your lifestyle.  This is why people can smoke, drink and eat mountains of sweets and be blessed with great skin. While others are super healthy, drink lots of water, don’t do anything negative and exercise like a demon but develop deep lines, wrinkles possibly spots, and red inflamed skin. That is just life! Different skin types with different lifestyles will require different treatments and support.

Skincare levels

There are different levels to what you can achieve for your skin. Each step up costs more in terms of time and money but is matched by the results you can achieve:

Beware of false skin improvement idols!

I get really annoyed when I speak to clients about some of the nightmare issues they have had. I read lots about skincare for obvious reasons and it never ceases to amaze me how people can prey on others’ insecurities. Especially women and their skin! So let’s break down each possible approach you could take and I can highlight some of the things to avoid like the plague! Anyone claiming they can fix your skin overnight should set alarm bells ringing!

Skin Cream

What you will find is that your skin may improve a little, but these kinds of cookie-cutter ‘one size fit all approaches don’t really deliver amazing results. They usually cost quite a bit of money too! The active ingredients they extolled about in the advert are in such small doses they do nothing!


When done correctly and using the right device you can make significant improvements. Please, please PLEASE be careful though in terms of what you buy and how you use it! I had a client visit me in tears, she had bought a roller from an ‘influencer’ who swore it had transformed her skin by using this particular roller. Firstly the spikes were too long,  secondly, the device was not sterile, thirdly it was not up to health standards. She had big holes in her skin, lots of redness the start of an infection in her skin! We had to work on calming the skin before we could even start treating it. So please make sure the roller is sterile, has the correct CE mark, and has clear and safe usage instructions.

Skin treatments

Not all skin treatments are created equal. Take for example the latest trend of dermaplaning. Put in simple terms the skin ‘specialist’ (I use the term loosely) will scrape a sharp blade across your skin. That’s it. Nothing complex or complicated. But while this treatment can work as a one off if your going to an event and want your make up to go on well, it will NOT fix your skin! It can actually cause clients can experience breakouts of spots, red and inflamed skin too. Because you are stripping off layers of skin including those really fine hairs that help protect your skin. I don’t offer that treatment on principle as I believe in protecting the skins natural barrier at all costs and getting the skin to function at an optimal level on it’s own.

Always make sure that the clinic has the bare minimum:

  • Qualified staff – look for NVQ level3 and above, itec or cidesco qualifications as you know they will have not completed qualification in a day course.
  • Health and Hygiene certificates from the local authority
  • Good reviews
  • Results – can show before and after photographs – as you can see on our skin conditions page. Ask them to email examples of show you in clinic when you visit.

If you want the best skin clinic look for:

  • Recent skin clinic awards – both for the skin specialist and clinic. For example – Skinologists and Fionas awards.
  • Case studies – In depth review of a treatment, with quotes from the client, details of the treatment process and pictures.
  • Five star reviews – Across a number of platforms. A quick Google search of the business with show you all the review Google can find. Here is a screenshot of our reviews and listing.
Google search screenshot of The Skinologist reviews
Google search screenshot of The Skinologist reviews


Skin transformation plans

Consultation – This is a must! If you are not asked go through a consultation process that takes at the very least 20 minutes then I how can they understand you and your skin?!

Multi treatment approach – A properly designed skin transformation plan that will dramatically improve your skins tone must have a range of treatments.

Courses – Not only must certain issues like improving skin complexion rely on different treatments they MUST be completed over a period of time. One treatment may yield some improvement but only by completing a course of CACI for example can real impact be made.

Results – As with single skin treatments, the clinic or dermatologist should be able to showcase in clinic before and after photographs, have quotes and ideally case studies.

Conclusion to improving skin

The age old saying you get what you pay for still stands! There are no quick fixes or ‘hacks’ that can magically make your skin look ten years younger! If you want to see proper results. That has people asking what you are doing differently. Or wanting to know why you skin is glowing, will need time and money invested. Historically these kinds of treatments have only been available to the super rich, celebrities and stars. With technology becoming more widely adapted and skill development growing in the beauty industry prices have come down.

It doesn’t have to to cost a fortune, our skin transformation plans vary depending on your needs ranging from £1,500 for a three month plan, which can be spread over three months. We would then suggest joining skin club and visit once a month for £55 per month. Cost is relative, to some this price will be too much. To others this will be worth every penny and a worthwhile investment.

Our skin clinic is based in Chester, Cheshire. While we have clients traveling from all of our neighbouring counties (Wirral, North Wales and Staffordshire). We do realise that might be too for you to travel. Please do make sure you thoroughly check out the clinic you plan to visit and run the two checklists over it. We are currently also developing The Skin Box which we will announce soon and that could also be an option for people too far out to travel to us.