Five Things You Need to Know Before Booking Microneedling

Advanced skin care treatment at the Chester Skin clinic - The Skinologists. Skin needling treatment to combat aging.

Five Things You Need to Know Before Booking Microneedling   Microneedling has become popular over the last few years with more and more people becoming interested in having the treatment. Some people are a little wary of having it and other people are just going for it, thinking it’s an everyday treatment. So, I wanted … Read more

Get your spring skin glowing!

Girl splashing water on her face 2

Get your spring skin glowing! The winter brings cold, wind and central heating all playing havoc with our skins barrier function. Creating dry and dehydrated skin. You may be experiencing flaky patches, dullness and skin that is lacking lustre. Here are a few tips to get your skin glowing and ready for the easing of … Read more

How to improve Rosacea

Rosacea treatment before and after photographs, results achieved with treatments and skin supplements

Rosacea, a chronic skin condition that can significantly impact your confidence, often leads to a cycle of excessive makeup use, resulting in heightened redness and inflammation. While Rosacea is a lifelong condition, it can be effectively managed through appropriate skincare and lifestyle adjustments. To learn more about improving Rosacea, continue reading! What Causes Rosacea? The … Read more

All about Skin Club

Fiona The Skinologist performing a skin consultation at her Chester skin clinic - looking at paperwork for her lift and rejuvenate plan. Covering anti-ageing treatments.

Skin club has arrived! I’m so excited to share this with you as it’s going to benefit everyone and their skin. This is where your skin will get treated with no compromises and get exactly what it needs to glow day in day out. What is Skin club? It’s a monthly membership to The Skinologist … Read more

Frustrated with an over complicated skin routine?

Close up of Dermaviduals products at The Skinologists Chester skin clinic

  With me being a Skin Specialist you’d think that I’d have a 20 product skin routine, well you’d be wrong! Like most people, I can’t think of anything worse than spending more than 5 mins with my morning and evening routine. I have a really simple skin routine. Especially in the evening after a … Read more


CACI vs HIFU: Choosing the Best Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Exploring CACI and HIFU: Understanding the Differences Are you searching for the most effective skin rejuvenation treatment to restore your youthful glow? Look no further than CACI and HIFU! These two popular non-invasive procedures are renowned for their remarkable results. In this blog post, we’ll delve … Read more

HIFU The Ultimate Face Lift Without Surgery

  Who wouldn’t like to look younger without going under the Knife! SSSSHHH can you keep a secret? This is the secret the Hollywood  Stars and Cheshire wives would love to keep. No longer are they going under the knife to fight the war against ageing, they are looking to this revolutionary treatment to turn … Read more

Christmas Stocking

Christmas setting with stockings hanging from a shelf.

Renew’s Christmas Stocking Vouchers…….. Will be live on December 1st at 12am until December 24th 2019 at 11.59pm.   What Voucher’s are available? This year my Christmas voucher’s are slightly different, firstly I’ve only put four packages together and secondly they’ll be available from 1st December until 24th December 2019. But there’s a limit on … Read more


The Skinologist - Fiona Hughes (your personal skin expert) performing a skin consultation at our Chester skin clinic.

Welcome along to my blog page! So I am super excited to start talking to you all about skin. It’s kind of an obsession for me. I just love everything about skin! I end up reading a lot of article, text books, attending training and gaining qualifications (from governing bodies and specialist skin companies like … Read more