Covid safety measures

Covid Safety Measures

The most important thing for me and my clients is their safety and I take it very seriously. So I have set up a number of Covid Safety measures. I feel the main safety advantage I have is running a one in one out clinic environment. Meaning no one will pass anyone else before or after treatment.

But that’s a small part of what I’ve put in place:

  • I wear a visor and type 2R surgical mask and ask that all clients wear a mask until facial treatments commence.
  • My hands are washed after I clean down the treatment area and then hand sanitiser is applied before I apply my gloves to start your treatment.
  • For each treatment I wear a clean mask, gloves and apron. Also a disposable sheet is placed on the bed, which is immediately thrown away after treatment.
  • All sponges, brushes and mixing pots are disposable and either given to you to take home or thrown out after treatment.
  • All Equipment going near the face is sterilised between clients.
  • So I can thoroughly clean treatment space down between clients, I leave a 15 min crossover time and won’t have anyone in until 100% safe.
  • I open all doors for you upon entry, but as a precaution I still clean door handles between each client.
  • Sadly at the moment I can’t offer any drinks, so please bring water so you have a drink.

I hope this makes you feel safe with me here at The Skinologist. If you have any questions or concerns at all please do contact us here.