HIFU The Ultimate Face Lift Without Surgery


Who wouldn’t like to look younger without going under the Knife!

SSSSHHH can you keep a secret? This is the secret the Hollywood  Stars and Cheshire wives would love to keep. No longer are they going under the knife to fight the war against ageing, they are looking to this revolutionary treatment to turn back the time and here’s why!

You ONLY NEED ONE treatment, there is NO DOWNTIME, the results slowly develop so it just looks like your getting younger by the day.

The non surgical treatments market is massive with a plethora of treatments that promise to lift, tone and tighten skin. While they all have there place (I offer many of them myself), they work more on the superficial layers of the skin, and offer temporary results unless a monthly maintenance is kept up. Whereas the HIFU Face Lift lasts up to 2 years and works a lot deeper in the skin to create lasting results.

So how does it work?

It works by sending something called High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound into the skin, what on earth is that I hear you say? It’s basically a form of ultrasound, (ultrasound are sound waves, I know you probably know this but just in case), they travel deep into the skin to the SMAS layer. The SMAS is where the surgeon works on during a face lift. No other technology so far can reach this deep, so this is without a doubt the best solution if you don’t want to go under the knife.

The ultrasound creates a heat which jolts the skin into producing more collagen and elastin making the skin tighter, firmer and lifted. As this is going on under the deeper layers of the skin the treatment takes about 3 months to slowly see results.

Does It Hurt?

There can be some discomfort during treatment, but often only in certain area’s. The area’s of discomfort tend to vary between clients. But the most common area’s are those that are bony like jaw and forehead. The discomfort usually only lasts while the treatment is being performed.

Why should you trust me and Renew Skincare with your treatment?

I get it, it’s a big thing to choose somewhere to have this treatment done after all it’s only one treatment, and it’s not cheap! If you find somewhere that is stay clear as you always get what you pay for and this will be the amount of HIFU shots put into the skin.

How do you know it’s going to work? How do you know you are getting a qualified professional?

Well, let me introduce myself,

Award Winning Skin Clinic 2 scaled

I’m Fiona a Multi Award winning Advanced Facialist with 25 years experience. This is me, a 41 years old mother of two. I’ve learnt how to look after my skin. What treatments keep me looking the best possible me for my age. I have always chosen not to go with botox and fillers as I believe there are things you can do to look great naturally.

I’ve recently won three awards, two at the British hair and beauty awards, a sliver award for aesthetic clinic of the year 2020 and Bronze winner for skin specialist of the year. One at the English hair and beauty awards for skin clinic of the year 2020. Showing my passion and knowledge of all things skin, and the results I gain.

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Aesthetic clinic of the yearSkin specialist of the year

I’m fully verified and Insured by BABTAC, this certificate is on full view in Clinic for you to see.

I’ve been performing HIFU Treatments for over 3 years now. Gaining experience in getting the best results from the machine. If I don’t think it is suitable for you or I think your not going to see the benefit, I won’t do the treatment and give you other choices.

What My Clients Say…


“I am a regular Client and the advice regards to my skin has been exceptional, Fiona is always attending courses to keep her knowledge up to date. She has a great breadth and understanding of her subject. The products used are excellent and as always, Fiona researches the benefits of new products before introducing to the salon. I highly Recommend Renew Skincare.”


“I was sceptical at first about the HIFU Treatment and very apprehensive, but Fiona put me at ease straight away. I did have a little discomfort, but nothing major. I’m now four months after treatment and I can’t believe the difference it has made to my jawline. It’s so much more defined and lifted. I’d recommend HIFU to anyone before having a face lift.”

My Results… These are my own treatment results achieved by me at my Chester skin clinic:

IMG 2022

IMG 2180

I want this treatment! What do I do Now?

You’ll need to book a consultation, I will never do a treatment without one. It’s £75 and will take about 1 hr. This fully redeemable against your treatment if suitable. If your found not to be suitable a full refund will be given. Or you could redeem it against a more suitable treatment. You can also book a free skin chat with me either over the phone or on video chat.

How do I book my consultation?

By Clicking BOOK NOW and going to my booking page and choose either consultation or skin chat.

Thanks for reading and look forward to meeting you soon.

Fiona x