Is your skin breaking out during lockdown?

skin breaking out during lockdown

Welcome to our skin breaking out during lockdown post.

Lots of you I bet and here’s why! Stress! Did you know stress can lead to skin breaking out during lockdown?

Just before we all got told to stay at home we were all in panic mode and facing a lot of uncertainty! Worrying about food, money, job’s, homeschooling and just generally not being able to freely socialise with friends and family.

Stress is the biggest activator of skin conditions, especially acne and rosacea. It messes with our hormone levels which can leave us with breakouts we don’t normally get. Or increased inflammation due to impaired barrier function. Stress also can give us delayed wound healing. So trying to effectively manage such conditions can become increasingly difficult if we don’t deal with our stress levels too.

We also have an enzyme called Tyrosinase that is generally found in our lower cheeks and Jawline. This enzyme loves stress, it controls the production of melanin (the pigment in the skin). So when we are stressed out our melanin production can be increased. This means when we are having breakouts the red marks it leaves behind tend to be harder to get rid of due to the tyrosinase creating more pigment.

What else do we do when we’re stressed?

Yes, you got it! We drink lots of alcohol and make poor food choices, and this does show on our skin. Sugar can play a big part in acne production and ageing I’m sorry to say. Our skin is a huge organ, but often the last place to get the nutrients it requires. To control your skin it’s essential that you eat the right nutritious foods. So that you get enough essential fatty acids to help your barrier function. You can find these in oily fish, nuts and seeds.

What can we do to help our skin during a lockdown?

Whether your suffering from acne or rosacea the first thing that needs to happen is to control the inflammation and redness. This is best done through supporting and repairing our barrier function this is the skins protective layer.

Some great ingredients to have in your serums, creams and masks at home for this are vitamin B3, prickly pear, hyaluronic acid (with a low molecular weight) and colloidal oats.

Keeping up with your cleansing routine is also important, whether you’re wearing makeup or not! Especially if you are having an acne breakout, those acne bacteria love dirt and oil, they will multiply happily in that environment making your breakout worse.

BUT, if you’re using a harsh astringent wash I’d swap it out for a creamier soothing cleanser that will support your barrier function. If you can get one with papain in all the better and this will gently unclog those oil filler pores and sluff of sticky dead skin cells. Papain is an enzyme that breaks down dead skin cells and gently exfoliates the skin.

To exfoliate or not to exfoliate?

We defiantly do need to exfoliate but it’s what with that can cause harm to your skin! Firstly if you’re using a scrub and have got acne or rosacea bin it!!! This will only increase the inflammation and make your condition worse. For acne skin, you should exfoliate with enzymes or acids especially salicylic acid. If you have rosacea and treating at home I’d just use enzymes and if you get a cleanser with one in this is all you’d need to do.

Do I need a serum?

If your skin is very inflamed with your acne or rosacea I would say less is more, so just keep to a simple routine and cut out the serum. If your skin is just mildly breaking out then a serum can be very effective. Serums tend to go under your moisturiser and usually a good serum will contain lots of active ingredients to help restore your barrier function and help calm skin. If your skin is feeling tight or dry Hyaluronic Acid can be a fantastic ingredient to hydrate, it holds 1000x its weight in water and keeps it in the skin.

My skin breaking out I don’t want to moisturise!

If your skins breaking out you especially need to moisturise peeps! But with the correct moisturiser, thick cloggy moisturisers really aren’t going to do your skin any good and probably where the feeling has come from that you don’t want to use them. If your moisturiser isn’t soaking in and sitting on the surface it not doing anything and in the long run, could cause more interference with the function of the barrier of your skin.

Practical ways to reduce stress

Staying away from social media, don’t obsessively watch the news, take at least one hour a day for you to do something you enjoy like reading a book, keep alcohol intake to a minimum, try doing mindfulness there are lots of great apps out there like headspace.

Remember keep everything in perspective, this won’t last forever. You’ll be back to your busy life before you know it and dreaming of some chill-out time. Make the most of it while you have it!

If you are still struggling with skin breaking out during lockdown please do get in touch. Simply visit the contact us page and drop me a message.