Skin Goals 2020!

SKIN goals 2020

Welcome to our skin goals 2020 blog post.

Firstly and most importantly… What is your ultimate Skin goal?

Younger looking Skin (the most popular goal that I get asked for)! That is a totally fine skin goal by the way!

A reduction in pigmentation.

A reduction in redness and irritation.

Reducing scarring from acne.

Improving Acne itself.

Or it could be simply to have brighter skin and not need to wear as much makeup.

What little things can I do each day to get me towards my Goal?

Whatever the skin condition the daily process you will need to follow will be similar. You will need to be consistent at home with good quality products, specifically chosen for you by a skin specialist.

Cleanse AM and PM

Your chosen cleanser will vary slightly depending on what you are trying to achieve. Most people suit more of a creamy based cleanser that won’t disrupt the very important barrier that is on your skin. If you wear makeup or are in a polluted environment a double cleanse is required to fully remove all makeup and truly cleanse the skin.

Use Serums

This will vary depending on skin condition and are chosen based on your final goal. You may have two one for the morning and one for the evening. They get applied under your moisturiser after cleansing. They are usually a lighter substance that penetrates the skin easily and quickly.

Good Moisturiser

This is something that most people get wrong. If you have acne you tend either to not moisturise or use a very harsh stripping moisturiser. Both disrupt your barrier function. Equally, someone with dry sensitive skin tends to do the opposite and pile on the richest thickest cream possible. This makes the skin lazy with producing its own moisture and again disrupts the skin barrier, eventually making the dryness worse. So a good moisturiser works with the skin not against it and supports the functions of the skin and repairs the skin’s barrier.

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