Frustrated with an over complicated skin routine?


With me being a Skin Specialist you’d think that I’d have a 20 product skin routine, well you’d be wrong! Like most people, I can’t think of anything worse than spending more than 5 mins with my morning and evening routine. I have a really simple skin routine. Especially in the evening after a busy day in the clinic and then coming home to homework, making tea, bath time with my two boys.

I have a simple three-step evening routine and a four-step morning routine if you include my SPF! The morning routine is probably three minutes max! Who hasn’t got three mins to look after their skin?

What I’ve found over the past 25years in the industry is that product houses love bringing out several new products a year. All promising to combat that skin concern you’ve been trying to sort for the last x amount of years. Before you know it your bathroom cabinet has 5 serums, 3 eye creams and four moisturisers PHEW!!! Your left confused about where to start, so you don’t bother and your skin condition gets worse.

So here’s my simple 3 step routine that you will stick to as it’s so easy it will fit into your day no problem. Even if you don’t have a minute in the day!

Step One

Cleanse once in the morning but twice in the evening. There’s a lot about double cleansing which I feel is very important in the evening as you’ve been outside and exposed to those free radicals that stick in between your skin cells, and you probably have make up. But in the morning you’ve only been in bed asleep so in order not to cause too much disturbance to the barrier function, once should be enough. After I’ve applied my cleanser in the morning I jump into the shower and remove it with a clean cloth. In the evening a good tip if you have children is to do it at bath time, you’re in the bathroom anyway it only takes a few minutes at most while your little one is playing.

Step Two

After my shower I then pop on my serum, I usually let this soak in so I’ll get dressed while this is soaking in. In the evening I’ll pop it on and play for a bit with the boys before I apply my moisturiser. You may need a different serum in the morning than the evening, but I’d suggest that you treat one area of concern at a time instead of all at once. So pick the one that bothers you the most and goes from there.

Step Three

Is moisturiser, If your skin is exceptionally oily you may just pop the serum on and that will be enough. I always use a separate cream around the eyes, then the face. I always make sure I have an SPF 50 on top of my cream too. Very important to protect skin daily, yes daily! That includes winter too. On the days I work this is in my makeup, on other days I will apply a separate cream.

The best tip I can give you, no matter what your lifestyle is to do your nighttime routine before you get too tired to be bothered. Might not work for you just before you go to sleep, so adjust it there’s no rule saying you have to do your nighttime routine then go straight to bed, doing it is the most important thing.

I promise it will slot into your daily routine so easily it won’t be an effort to look after your skin at all.

Want to see me go through my routine go to my video to watch.