Why you should skin needle to combat ageing!


Yes, I did mention the word needle, I can see your faces now! A look of horror at the thought of sticking needles in your face. That is usually the expression I get when I mention this treatment. But it’s an absolutely fantastic way to combat ageing.

Years ago this treatment was shown on tv and the person was left with a face covered in blood. Or I could simply be the word “needle” making you run for the hills. Well, I’m here to tell you times have moved on and it’s not like that at all anymore! This can be done regularly at home.

collagen induction therapy

Skin needling can be referred to as collagen induction therapy, which explains what it does. It wakes up the skin and gets it producing collagen again, helping to soften those pesky lines and wrinkles. After a certain age, our skin does get rather lazy and enjoys a good nap. Switching up your routine regularly helps you to stay awake. Needling is one way of doing this, and if you apply some powerful ingredients onto the skin before you needle this can bolster the effect even further. This is the perfect way to combat ageing.

One of my favourite ingredients is Vitamin C, simply because the skin needs this within it to produce healthy collagen. If you don’t have enough vitamin C in the skin your skin can’t produce good healthy collagen. You may eat an abundance of fruit’s and veg, but you’d have to consume three litres of orange juice daily to get the right amount of vitamin C into the skin required to build up your collagen.

This is why applying it topically is so effective and you add needling that boosts it further. Done by creating tiny channels in the skin so the serum can penetrate deeper. Doing this once a week will give the skin the boosts it needs, to get you producing healthy new collagen.

Microneedling rollers

Now, microneedling rollers come in all sorts of sizes, and for home use, you must use one no deeper than 0.3mm. I strongly recommend that you don’t buy any off amazon or eBay. Because your roller should be sterilised under CE regulations. The cheap one’s you buy on the internet probably isn’t. Trust me when I say you don’t want to be creating little channels in the skin with a device that isn’t! You also need to ensure they are made out of titanium, as these rollers are the most effective and less likely to bend or break. If you are seriously want to combat ageing you need a microneedle roller.

Your roller will last you approximately three months as long as you effectively clean it between use. I recommend the BeautyLab home roller it’s £29.00 and can be purchased at our Chester skin clinic.

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