Get your spring skin glowing!

Get your spring skin glowing!

The winter brings cold, wind and central heating all playing havoc with our skins barrier function. Creating dry and dehydrated skin.

You may be experiencing flaky patches, dullness and skin that is lacking lustre. Here are a few tips to get your skin glowing and ready for the easing of lockdown. So when we can finally get out and about your friends will be “wow” you look fabulous and asking you what you’ve been doing.

Try these 4 tips to get you started:-

🌷 Cleanse properly

This means no cleansing wipes, and use a cream-based cleanser, not a stripping cleansing wash. Cleanse twice a  day morning and evening. If you’re wearing makeup double cleanse, to ensure skin is truly clean.

🌷 Exfoliate with enzymes

If you’re scrubbing your skin with harsh scrubs STOP  ✋🏻 You are causing more disruption to your barrier function and it needs to repair. So switch to an enzyme exfoliator this will only remove the skin cells that would be naturally removed during the day and leave the cells that are not ready to be removed.

🌷 Add a serum to your routine

If you’re just doing the basics of cleanse tone and moisturise, add a serum full of active ingredients in it to boost the health of your skin. For look for ingredients such as prickly pear (full of omegas 3 and 6), hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3. If your skins dry then an oilier texture could work better for you. A serum is applied before your moisturiser to ensure all those active ingredients get to where they should and aren’t watered down by the moisturiser.

🌷 Add vitamin C to your skin routine

Vitamin c is a fabulous ingredient for giving your skin an incredible glow. So applying it topically either in a serum or moisturiser can really help. Things to make sure of when choosing a vitamin c cream:

  1. The vitamin C is stable and of good quality or after the opening product will degrade, becoming ineffective.
  2. There is enough vitamin c to make a difference. Look at the label if it’s near the top of the ingredients list, there likely hood is that it’s got a good amount of vitamin C in it. If it’s at the bottom it’s not going to help your skin at all.

What to do if your skin becomes red and irritated during a lockdown? download my skin guide 

If you’d like to know more on how to get your skin glowing again why not book a chat with me? I’d love to help get your skin glowing again.


Fiona x