Does a non surgical facelift work?


A question that I think most women of a certain age wonder is do non-surgical facelifts work?

My honest answer is that it depends on your skin condition and its ability to heal. One type of treatment may not be the answer and sometimes surgery is the only option.

There are many different types of non-surgical facelifts on the market. Some work on the muscles and some work on building collagen to tighten the skin.

I personally offer three different ways of lifting the face, because everyone is unique. It’s most certainly not one size fits all. Just because your best mate has had an amazing lift, it doesn’t mean you will get the same result.

There are many factors I’m looking for when choosing the correct treatment route for you. The main factor is the quality of your skin, and this can affect the results you get. Often I will work with your skin first before starting any treatments on you.

So let’s look at what treatments lift the skin:-


This is an abbreviation for High-Intensity Frequency Ultrasound. Presently this is one of the best ways to lift the skin in just one treatment. It works by creating a thermal injury deep within the skin, this causes the skin to go in and start repairing itself. When skin repairs it creates more collagen and elastin, with this you will slowly over 3 months get a lift to the face. To find out more about this treatment click here


This has been around for many years and is still one of the most popular ways to get a non-surgical facelift. This is like a workout for your face, tiny electrical impulses are sent to your muscles re-educating them to lift. A course of 10 is usually required to get a lasting lift, but you will see immediate results after one treatment. There are many home devices about but you really can’t beat the effects of an in-clinic treatment. To find out more about this treatment click here.


This works similarly to the HIFU except not as deep. With radiofrequency the thermal injury is more superficial, so treatments are required on a more regular basis to get the lifting results. Like Microcurrent you will see an instant result that will build up over time. This treatment works incredibly well with microcurrent, as you are working on both tightening the skin and lifting the muscles. To find out more about this treatment click here.

Does a non-surgical facelift work? Yes, it can be a great alternative if you don’t want the downtime of surgery. But be prepared to go on a journey and not to expect instant results. I often use all three technologies and work with you for over three months. Helping you to gain healthy skin with skincare,  professional treatments and technologies. Doing all these things together rather than just picking one I have found can give you that lift and antiaging effects you desire.

Hope this helped give you to gain an insight into whether non-surgical facelifts work. To find out more information on what treatments will suit you best book a complimentary skin chat with me. This can be done over the phone or on zoom and takes about 20 mins.