Why a good skin routine is important?

Why a good skin routine is important?


Wanting good skin and not taking care of it on a daily basis? That’s like wanting to be slim and healthy but only going to the gym once a month! Then eating fast food every day! I often hear things like “I don’t have time”, or “I’m always rushing about”. It only takes me five minutes to complete my skin routine, morning and evening. This might take a little more time once or twice a week to pamper myself, but that’s only if I have time. And really that’s all you need to do.

One of my clients Iona [Read more about Iona’s skin journey here] had a really long skin routine which simply made her skin worse and actually made it quite sore. Complicated skin routines just aren’t necessary. You only need a few simple products.

For me, a good skin routine is simple; It contains active ingredients to promote the health of the skin and doesn’t harm the integrity of the skin in any way.

So what exactly is a good skin routine?


  1. Cleansing morning and night


We need to cleanse our skin on a daily basis, especially at night, as this will remove a build-up of pollution that’s been collected on our skin during the day. The pollution creates free radicals. These free radicals cause premature ageing, inflammation, and irritation within skin. As there’s a lot more pollution now than there ever has been, it’s a good idea to also use a gentle silicone cleansing brush when cleansing. As this will help to dislodge the particles that have been attached to the skin during the day.

If you wear makeup, it’s also a good idea to cleanse twice (double cleanse) but it’s not necessary if you’ve been makeup free that day. A good cleanser should cleanse your skin sufficiently.


  1. Serum


A serum is applied after cleansing and before moisturiser. It is usually a lighter weight than a moisturiser and should be packed full of active ingredients that help your skin to function at its optimal level.

These ingredients can include vitamin A, B, C, E, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients should be in a higher concentration than that of your moisturiser. You may choose to have a different serum for morning and evening depending on your skin concerns. And these are usually targeted treatments that will work on any skin conditions that you may have.


  1. Moisturiser


Your moisturiser should contain ingredients that help your skin’s barrier to function at its optimal level and not to get lazy. What do I mean by this? Well, certain ingredients like paraffin, put a protective layer on the skin. Making your skin think that it’s creating a lovely healthy barrier itself, which sounds great doesn’t it? But in doing so, your skin thinks it’s produced enough moisture and starts to have a little nap because it doesn’t need to produce anything further.

If then you stop using a moisturiser or change to a different a different type of moisturiser, your skin won’t be producing its own moisture anymore. It will become dry and irritated.

This is why looking at the ingredients in your moisturiser is very important as certain ingredients can cause a disruption in the skin.


  1. SPF


You must apply an SPF every, single morning. If you are truly lazy and want to do as little as possible with your skin, then applying an SPF is the one thing that is non-negotiable. Obviously, you would also need to cleanse your skin before applying, but the SPF is so important. UV rays come through even on the cloudiest days, and UV is the most damaging to the skin cells and the thing that accelerates the ageing process the most.

SPF is in most makeups now, so you may not even need to have an extra product. If you want to wear makeup just pick a foundation with an SPF. I use pH formula’s compact foundation – it’s brilliant because it contains an SPF 50 and it’s so easy to use.


Would you like some more information and guidance on your skin routine?

If you would, book a skin chat – I’m here to help.