Banish Red Veins and Spider Naevi: Advanced Electrolysis Solutions

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Want to fix spider-like blood vessels marring your skin’s appearance? Are you looking for a Red Veins and Spider Naevi Treatment that actually works? At The Skinologists, we specialize in advanced electrolysis treatments to help you bid farewell to these unsightly blemishes. In this blog, we’ll delve into what they are, answer common questions, and explain how our advanced electrolysis procedures can provide you with clear and blemish-free skin.

What Are Red Veins and Spider Naevi?

A spider angioma is an enlarged blood vessel in the skin (resembling the body of a spider), from which smaller blood vessels extend (resembling the spider’s legs). It is scientifically known as ‘naevus araneus’ or ‘vascular spider.’

There are several names used:

  • ‘naevus araneus,’
  • ‘vascular spider,’
  • ‘arterial spider,’
  • ‘spider telangiectasia,’
  • ‘spider naevus/nevus.’

Many of these names have Latin origins, with ‘araneus’ representing ‘spider,’ ‘angioma’ denoting ‘blood vessel,’ and ‘telangiectasia’ signifying ‘enlarged blood vessel.’ ‘Naevus’ refers to an abnormal growth of healthy tissue within the skin.

Common Questions:

Are red veins and spider naevi harmful?

These blemishes are generally harmless but may indicate underlying issues.

Are they hereditary?

Although this condition commonly affects one in ten people (and even more in children), it is not passed down genetically.

What is the treatment?

Advanced electrolysis can effectively target and fade spider-like blood vessels.

How many treatments do you need?

Although results may vary, significant improvement is often visible after just one session.

Advanced Electrolysis Treatment

At The Skinologists, we employ cutting-edge techniques to address red veins and spider naevi. Our advanced electrolysis procedures use a specialized current and fine needle to cauterize or remove these blemishes. The treatment is safe, minimally invasive, and can provide remarkable results.


Spider angiomas may bear various names. Understanding them and seeking professional treatment can lead to clear, healthy skin. If you have spider angiomas, don’t hesitate to contact The Skinologists for a consultation. We specialize in advanced electrolysis treatments that can help you say goodbye to these bothersome skin concerns.

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