what are skin tags?


Skin tags are common and harmless skin growths that often appear in areas where skin creases or rubs against itself. While they’re typically harmless, many individuals seek ways to remove them for cosmetic or comfort reasons. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what these tags are, their causes, available treatments, and prevention methods to help you manage them effectively. At The Skinologists, we offer advanced electrolysis treatments to safely and instantly remove such tags, providing you with smoother and tag-free skin.

What Are Skin Tags?

Scientifically known as “acrochordons,” are soft, benign growths that typically appear on areas where the skin creases or rubs against itself. They are usually flesh-colored or slightly darker and often hang off the skin by a thin stalk, resembling a tiny balloon or grape.

Causes of Skin Tags

The exact cause of acrochordons isn’t fully understood, but several factors may contribute to their development:


acrochordons frequently occur in areas where skin rubs against skin or clothing, such as the neck, underarms, and groin.


Some individuals may be genetically predisposed to developing skin tags.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy or due to medical conditions like diabetes can increase the likelihood of skin tag formation.


Excess body weight can lead to skin folds and creases, providing an environment where skin tags can develop.

Treatment Options for Skin Tags

While acrochordons are harmless, they can be bothersome or cosmetically undesirable for some. Fortunately, there are effective methods for their removal:

Advanced Electrolysis

At The Skinologists, we offer advanced electrolysis treatments for instant skin tag removal. This technique uses a Thermolysis current and a fine needle to cauterize and remove the skin tag. The procedure is quick, virtually painless, and leaves minimal scarring.

Over-the-Counter Products

Some over-the-counter products claim to remove acrochordons, but their effectiveness varies. It’s essential to consult a dermatologist or skincare professional before using such products.

Preventing Skin Tags

While acrochordons can’t always be prevented, some steps can help reduce the likelihood of their formation:

Maintain a Healthy Weight: Keeping a healthy weight can minimize skin folds and creases, reducing the areas where acrochordons typically develop.

Avoid Excessive Friction: Be mindful of clothing that may rub against your skin and consider using powders or creams to reduce friction.

Keep Skin Clean and Dry: Good hygiene practices can help prevent skin irritation and may reduce the risk of acrochordons.


Understanding what causes skin tags and the available treatment options is crucial for effectively managing them. At The Skinologists, we offer advanced electrolysis treatments that provide a quick and virtually painless solution for skin tag removal. If you have acrochordons that you’d like to address, contact us for a consultation, and let us help you achieve smoother and tag-free skin.

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