Does a non surgical facelift work?

Does a non-surgical facelift really work image. Showing the areas that are usually lifted to give that effect of a facelift without the need for an operation.

  A question that I think most women of a certain age wonder is do non-surgical facelifts work? My honest answer is that it depends on your skin condition and its ability to heal. One type of treatment may not be the answer and sometimes surgery is the only option. There are many different types … Read more

What’s the best anti ageing cream?

Image of a beautiful young woman

  Clients ask this question a lot. Unfortunately, there is not just one cream on the planet that will turn back the clock for everyone!! Sorry! We all have different skin and our skin ages in different ways, but there are some key ingredients to look out for in your anti-ageing creams: Vitamin A Vitamin … Read more